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KS: Musical ideas. I have the terrible urge for a tron musical 

CLU: I did explain my desire for a TRON version of Fiddler, yes?

CLU: Yentron.

KS: Yes. ohmygod yes

CLU: Clu is Tzeitel.

CLU: “And you have your eye on the Creator’s son!”

CLU: Except, because Hodel would then have to be Rinzler, it’s like, “Rrrrrrr? Rrrrr rr r rrrrrrr. RrrrrRRRRRrr?”

CLU: “Because you’re a repurposed program from a corrupted family! So whatever Yentron brings, you’ll take, right? Of course right!”

KS: Oh lord. Yes. All of that awesome

CLU: And then Clu throws his coat over his head.

CLU: This is why I’m not allowed to have nice things.